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About The CEO

Ayo Benson Olarewaju FCCA FCA MBA

Benson trained as a Chartered Accountant with MBA from Oxford in United Kingdom.

He is the author of the great book on mindset and entrepreneurship ‘Goldmine of Your Mind-Your Fast Track to Abundance’.

After many successful years in the corporate environment, He has devoted the rest of his career to helping established entrepreneurs as a Business Coach to help them get exponential results without the stress of working 70 to 90 hours a week. His desire to help people was implanted from his early life experience and his full story could be found in some of his television, radio, newspapers etc. interviews. He is a subject matter expert sought after by the media because of his insights about business and psychology of success.

Thousands of entrepreneurs have benefited from his coaching, books, seminars, TV programs, Radio programs, webinars, public speaking, digital marketing packages etc. His uses his expertise to take small businesses and turn them into big businesses; he takes struggling businesses and turn them around within a short period of time. His clients say he has a midas touch, but he says, business is about cause and effect; what you sew you shall reap. His insight and knowledge of digital marketing is a big advantage especially for growing businesses because it is possible to scale up rapidly online adopting tried and tested methods.

Benson is a resourceful and intuitive business problem solver who helps his clients grow exponentially in their business as well as personal growth.

getting on top of your game

Message To Entrepreneurs

My passion for helping small businesses was informed by my upbringing and I would not bore you with the story. Business is simple but if you try to do everything by yourself then it would become a struggle. The struggle mode is the state of most business owners these days and it doesn’t have to be so. If you see a tortoise on the fence, you must know it has got help! If you want to get on top of your business, you must get help from those who have helped a lot of business owners achieve great results. We have numerous testimonials of the results generated by our clients from 70% to 230% increase in profit over a short period of time. If you want us to have a quick look at your business at no cost to you just contact us.

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