We can tell our success story best through our Clients

Below are some of our clients sharing the transformation that took place in their lives and business after coaching session and doing business with us.

Monty Panesar

Have you heard that a single book may change millions of lives? That’s the view of Monty Panesar the Ex England International Cricketer about the book ‘Goldmine of Your Mind – Your Fast Track to Abundance’. He also noted the passion of the author Ayo Benson for helping people succeed as it radiates throughout the length and breadth of the book. So the book is available on Amazon worldwide or on audible with the link below: https://adbl.co/2MWItFO


High achievers are relentless in the pursuit of their life goals. Emile Heskey gave a snippet of his experience of coaching with Ayo Benson here. He said’ ‘it was great because we got some great results.” This is the common thread with all our clients: Results: Unexpected results. More-than-expected results. Off-shoot results. Very often, life-changing results.

Ngozi shares her experience with Ayo and his team

With Ayo’s help and coaching, I’ve been able to Launching my beauty brand. I have also built a team of 12 people all within 3 months of coaching with him. 



The is a short story of a transformational impact of coaching and how adversity may be turned into success. Ruth Pearson had a 3 months coaching with Ayo Benson and everything changed for her. She described it as domino effect.


The CEO of Qshea spoke to Ayo Benson the CEO of mbckonsult.com about her experience working with the team at MBC. She said 'I am blown away by the result I got within a very short space of time; if anyone needs digital marketing to grow their business, they must contact MBC Konsult now and watch their business grow.' Qshea is a rapidly growing natural shea butter body lotion manufacturer; their product is phenomenon in transforming your skin into smooth vevelty look that would blow your mind. I have used it and now value natural ingredients which is safer and better for our skin



The seminar 'How to Build a Profitable Consulting Business Rapidly by Ayo Benson. This seminar gives you a rinse and repeat process to build a clients generation system consistently and at will using digital marketing. This seminar is potentially life changing

Testimonials From Our Rapid Change Program (RCP)

Reg is the CEO of ALL TOUQUE SALES, a company helping businesses take their sales to the next level. He talks about his experience of the Rapid Change Program. He said ‘the program goes very deep inside you to transform how you see yourself’ Mark Twain said, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’ The road to transformation is your ability to see yourself the way you truly are; not the way society defines you. This is a life-changing 2-day program that is not available anywhere else. To be part of this program, visit: https://mbckonsult.com/rcp/

The CEO of ENYI JNR talked about the transformational impact of the 2 Day Rapid Change Program on him. He said 'this is learning at a level he has never experienced before and he is a Master Degree holder.' You cannot change your life overnight but you can change your direction overnight. Delegates got a paradigm shift and they think everything is possible now. Find out how to be part of the next program on https://mbckonsult.com/rcp/

Lillian is a multitalented technology Consultant with many years in corporate director level. She said ‘those of you thinking that you are perfect just like me, think again’ This program will eliminate your mental block to release you to go and do extraordinary things in the world. To be part of this great life changing program Go tohttps://mbckonsult.com/rcp/

Comfort said this program has helped her remove the mental block stopping her and she now feels powerful. You cannot change your life overnight but you can change your direction instantaneously which is what all the delegates did on this program. If you will like to be part of this program please visit: https://mbckonsult.com/rcp/